The Mange:
A firestorm of heavy punkrock

The Mange hits every show with total destruction
and contempt for the genre stereotype. Down pick blurs, distortofuck guitar solos, headtrauma bass and thunderbucket drums.
Infectious choruses spread to all exposed. This concludes our public service announcement.
Consider yourself fucking warned.

Sat Dec 1st, at DV8!! Cannot wait to play with Zero Cool again, fucking love those guys. Bring your manly movember mustaches, best one gets some free shit. What kind of shit? the free kind.

I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Mike Hideous

The Mange

Who are the shirtless wonders?
Tyler Stang Distortofuck Guitar
Mike Hideous Thunderbucket Drums
Steve Unlikely Headtrauma Bass
Spencer Bombs Down Pick Blurs

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A true punk rock band
play's fucking punk rock,
day in day out.
The Mange

The Mange

We have 2
studio recorded albums
Listen, steal,
we dont give a fuck.

Sometimes crazy shit happens
at a punk rock show.
True Story


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It is either good or bad.
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